Muddy Monday: 2WD F-150 Conquers the Pit

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Brave F-150 shows us how determination and skill are better than high-tech gadgets and expensive mods.

The vast majority of the trucks we feature on “Muddy Monday” are 4×4 Ford pickups, and they’re typically lifted for extra ground clearance. However, this week’s video proves that even two-wheel-drive Ford trucks can have fun in the mud, as long as they have a good set of tires.

This video by rgo91284 shows a 2005 Ford F-150 easing into what appears to be a fairly deep, sloppy mud pit. We can’t tell how deep the pit really is, but once we hear a man saying that this truck is two-wheel-drive, we can appreciate the courage of the driver. It may look easy on video, but it’s a different ball game behind the wheel. As the F-150 plows into the mud, we can see that the pit is fairly deep, with the mud covering front bumper and the edges of the body.


Even though the F-150 loses speed through the deepest part of the pit, the driver is able to turn the wheel and use momentum to his advantage. In the end, we’re just happy to see a brave F-150 owner out to play with what looks like other 4×4 Ford trucks. Even if he would’ve gotten stuck, he would’ve had a helping hand to get back to safety.

As usual, we can’t exactly recommend that you go out and attempt this stunt, but this video is a great example of what good all-terrain tires can do for you.

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