Perfect Ford Econoline Ready for Bank Robberies or Lumber Deliveries

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There’s something just iconic about the 1962 Ford Econoline. Either because it was the primary van in bank robberies, or because it just looked so effortlessly cool, I’ve always wanted one. This one however, takes the proverbial cake due to it being a Ford Econoline Pick-Up.

Most Econoline pick-ups were used as drag racers due to their ability to take a massive engine in the bed, this one however, has only been tastefully modified with a set of Torq Thrust wheels, and a really beautiful paint job.


According to the seller, the Ford Econoline is powered by an AMC 232 cubic inch straight-six, and is shifted through a three-speed manual transmission. The seller also says that it has brand new brakes, a new rearend, and a few other touches to make this Econoline absolutely perfect. The only issue is said to be a slightly bent front bumper.

Currently the reserve on the Econoline hasn’t been met, but if you have a special place for this body style in your hearts, as I do, you’ll desperately need this truck.


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