TRUCKED UP GMC Owner Goes Nuts in Oklahoma

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Truck crash

As many of you have likely had happen in the past, hotel bills sometimes can get out of hand. Either you went entirely too crazy the night before on the mini bar that’s inevitably stocked with the one thing you’re craving this very instance, you “accidentally” clicked on the wrong movie listing, or the hotel tried to charge you for fresh towels and a roach free room. Roach free rooms cost extra in some parts of the country.

We’ve all been there, at the counter, either softly gritting our teeth, seething with anger, with the hotel receptionist who has honestly no power whatsoever. Or you’ve gone the complete opposite way and decided to cause the biggest fuss known to human kind, throwing pillow mints at everyone who enters your peripheral vision like a chimp angrily tossing their feces.

The latter example is the way not to do things, however, this next video takes that and makes it look as if you’re civilly attempting to end the dispute like a rational human being on Prozac. What starts as an angry dispute about his hotel bill, ends with a man logically ramming his GMC Sierra through the hotel’s front lobby. Because that’s how you solve problems.

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