Ford Ranger Rocks at the Wayne County Fair

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wayne county ranger burnout

This week’s Tire Smokin’ video features a Ford Ranger doing a burnout at the 2015 Wayne County Fair. We don’t know anything about this Ranger, but the truck looks and sounds like it is probably bone stock.

Helping this little pickup roast the rear tires is one huge tire planted in the dirt, allowing the Ranger driver to park against the huge hunk of rubber and smoke the tires without using the brakes.

When the Ford Ranger takes the countdown to start, the burnout starts up hot and heavy – quickly creating a cloud of smoke under the truck. Within a few seconds, the Ranger is cloaked in smoke while the whine of the engine and the continued screeching of the tires nearly drowns out the cheers from the crowd.

We don’t know how well this Ford Ranger did in the Wayne County Fair burnout competition, but we know that it put up a good fight.

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