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Classic Ford Handles Icy-Road Flip Like a Champ

1975 Ford F-150 Upside Down

Old Ford F-150 held up well to the accident & the driver was unhurt.

  Comments | By - December 18, 2018

Ford Truck Goes Full Tilt!

Wisconsin pickup crash

Have you ever had one of those days that takes a lot of explaining?

  Comments | By - May 15, 2018

FTE Member Walks Away from Ford Excursion Rollover

Performance specifications and stunning designs are nothing but bragging rights. Passenger safety is paramount.

  Comments | By - September 6, 2017

These Ford Trucks Were Caught Doing What?! (Video)

Wheelies, rollovers, and racing against Lamborghinis, these are the many amazing capabilities of Ford trucks.

  Comments | By - August 23, 2017

Ford F-150 Becomes the Meat in a Semi-Truck Sandwich

Thanks to the incredible strength and safety aspects of the iconic Ford F-150, everyone walked away.

  Comments | By - August 14, 2017

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