1973 Ford Lowrider Pickup Has the Subtlety of a Sledgehammer

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If you’re looking for craftsmanship and flair in a Ford pickup, this truck is all you could ever need.

There are several types of truck people. There are the ones who love the functionality and convenience of owning a truck. These folks love taking a powerful machine to remote areas and testing the limits of the shocks, tires, engine, and their own skill. Then you have folks who love the style of a truck. These truck lovers want to showcase the flair, the lines, the heritage oozing out of every design queue. But then, there’s a group that’s a mix of the two.

This 1973 Ford lowrider pickup truck is about as far away from functionality as you can get, although technically speaking, you still have a bed! The first thing you notice is the truck’s color — it’s redder than the deepest red you could imagine. Contrasting with that red is the blacked-out bed, leather interior, grille, and wheels. Finally, you will immediately notice this truck sits about six inches off the ground! There’s no way you can take this truck anywhere except the nicest of paved roads.


This 1973 pickup is not made to ride the middle ground. This truck was built and modified with a very specific purpose. It’s meant to be gawked at, and to gather a crowd. Trust us, you’ll get plenty of looks as you motor down the road with its 5.0-liter Coyote V8 supercharged engine. Other modifications include the dual exhaust, lowered suspension, 24-inch rear and 22-inch front wheels, and the unique bed that although useful, it’s not very inviting.


Whether you think this truck is a work of art or an eyesore, one thing is for certain – it is well built. As the video by Vanguard Motor Sales showcases, much thoughtfulness and care went into this build. Whether you love it or hate it, this is one outrageous Ford lowrider!

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