The Ford Pickup Turns 100 Years Old Today

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The legendary, the iconic, the best truck in the world  — the Ford pickup. We celebrates its centenary by revisiting its illustrious history.

July 27, 1917 was a tremendous day in the history of Ford, the history of the pickup truck, and the history of America. It was on this day that Ford introduced the world to the Model TT pickup. Even now, 100 years later, Ford is the defining name in the truck industry and is continuing to create the greatest, and most advanced trucks money can buy. It is this century-old legacy of progress that has made the F-150 the best selling truck for more than four decades.

To celebrate this milestone, Ford made a fun video for us to watch that covers all 100 years of trucks in just 30 seconds.


At first we thought that a simple 30-second video doesn’t seem like enough to celebrate such an immense anniversary. It actually made us a little upset that after decades and decades of truck dominance, all we got was a quick Toby Keith ditty and a few seconds of old truck footage. Then we started to realize that there is nothing that could really capture the magnitude of this achievement. From the Model TT to the Model AA, all the way to the beautiful F1. Then we make it all the way to the 1970s and the introduction of the first F-150.

The Ford truck is the backbone of America. A tool that helped launch and run a million small businesses.


To ask Ford to find a way to feature every achievement and milestone of every one of the great trucks in its history would take hours and hours. Even just attempting to cover the legacy of the F-150 on its own, from the introduction in 1975 up to the advanced aluminum bodies, EcoBoost engines, and special models like the Raptor could be worth hours of video.

So Ford, we are sorry that we were upset with you. Thank you for the video, as short as it may be. It still shows off 100 year’s worth of trucks, and if anything it helped push us to look deeper into some of the classic models again.

Happy Birthday, Ford Trucks. The world wouldn’t be the same without you.

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