TIRE SMOKIN’ F-350 Does a Long Rolling Burnout

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This week’s Tire Smokin’ video features a second generation (2008-2010) Ford Super Duty F-350 attempting to do a big, smokey burnout. The burnout starts off a little on the mild side, as the worked PowerStroke diesel engine creates a ton of diesel soot while it gets the tires spinning.

However, once the back tires get to spinning hard, the smoke begins to pour out from under the back end of this big, bad Super Duty diesel.

f350 ong rolling burnout 600

Once the burnout is well underway, the driver lets the F-350 inch forward, which only allows the truck to create more and more tire smoke as the truck slowly rolls towards the camera. As the F-350 builds speed, the rear tires continue to spin hard and create gobs of smoke – even as the truck speeds away from the camera.

The video is short but oh, so sweet so crank up your speakers and enjoy the sights and sounds of the PowerStroked F-350 shedding a few layers of rubber.


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