TRUCK PULL 2008 F-250 PowerStroke Makes Pullin’ Look Easy

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This week’s Truck Pull video features a 2008 Ford F-250 powered by a worked PowerStroke diesel taking on a big pulling sled at the Tamaroa Truck Pull. There is no information on this F-250 in the details, but it is very clear that there has been some work done to this Super Duty pickup based on the amount of diesel soot that pours from the exhaust when the pull gets underway.

That, combined with the ease with which the F-250 drags the big sled 343 feet led me to believe that this is not your average Ford Super Duty pickup.

Unlike some PowerStroke pulling videos that have a great deal of preparation ahead of the run, this pulling effort starts without any fuss as the F-250 hooks up and begins pulling (about halfway through the video) in a hurry.

With a cloud of black smoke pouring from the exhaust system, this Super Duty pickup roars down the track with ease, hitting 343 feet and getting very near what appears to be the end of the course. We don’t know if this F-250 won the class, but it put forth a great effort.

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