20-Year-Old Ford F-150 Makes Gigantic Burnouts

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This video features a badly beaten up 1994 Ford F-150. I don’t know what happened to this F-150, but the windows are broken out, the roof is crumpled, the cab looks to be crooked on the frame and it appears as though the frame is bent in the middle. This truck doesn’t look roadworthy, so what do you do with a 20-year-old truck that is badly wrecked but runs well?

You do gigantic burnouts and upload them to YouTube!

This 1994 F-150 is powered by the 4.9L inline six mated to a manual transmission, which isn’t traditionally the drivetrain that we would expect to see doing burnouts, but with no bed and no weight over the rear wheels, this ’94 F-150 doesn’t have any problems destroying the rear tires.

Based on the condition from front to rear, I imagine that this 1994 Ford F-150 was headed for the junkyard shortly following this video, but if it did indeed meet its demise – at least it went out with a big, smokey bang. Enjoy!

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