THROWBACK VIDEO Meet the First Ford Explorer

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1990 explorer commercial

The 1990s were a time of hustle and bustle in the United States, but with the ’90s also came a vehicle that has become one of the most popular names in the industry – the Ford Explorer.

While Ford obviously had SUVs before the Explorer, this new mid-sized SUV was the first of its kind from the Motor Company, packed with rarely seen technology, including push-button four wheel drive. Interestingly, they also reference the aerodynamic design, although by today’s standards, this Explorer was shaped like a brick.

The 1990s was also the decade which finalized the rise of the yuppies, so this commercial shows a couple battling the wear and tear of city living, but they use their brand new 1990 Ford Explorer to drive to a lovely beach where they were free to walk off into the sunset. The commercial still has a touch of 80s flare, but this commercial was probably a real attention-getter in 1990 – which led to the Explorer becoming one of the bestselling SUVs in America.

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