Would You Pay $50k for This “New” Ford Excursion?

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Excursion Super Duty

You can buy the Excursion that Ford never built, but it’s gonna cost you dearly.

As we all know, Ford ceased production of the excellent Excursion after the 2005 model year. That hasn’t stopped die hard fans from building their own, modern full-size SUVs using 2011-2016 Super Dutys. And we must admit, we dig the results of this particular Excursion Super Duty conversion. A lot.

The rig began as a 2004 Excursion that, amazingly enough, wasn’t cut up in the process of its transformation. It’s painted in Metallic Emberglow Bronze Fire and Sand Metallic two-tone, an iconic factory color combination. Aside from the 20″ alloys and 7″ BDS lift kit, you’d swear it was OEM. There’s even a custom embossed “SUPER DUTY” in the back which means business.

Excursion Super Duty

Under the hood you’ll find a 6.0-liter Power Stroke diesel with just 90,000 miles on the odometer. The insides are plush and stock, with the original tan leather looking quite clean. What you won’t find is any indication that this truck didn’t roll off the factory looking exactly the way it does today. And the best part? This thing’s for sale at Canyon State Classics in Tempe, Arizona.

Before you start writing out that check, however, there’s one slight catch — the price. This pseudo modern Excursion is listed with a hefty $47,900 asking price, which is a whole lot of coin. Admittedly, you get a whole lot of truck for that money, and you can’t buy anything like it nowadays. But, is such uniqueness worth so much?

Excursion Super Duty

For the right person, the answer is: HELL YES! The mix-and-match rig is in fantastic shape, and the diesel lump has a lot of life left in it. Unless Ford suddenly decides to start building oil-burning, full-size SUVs again, it’s about as close as you can get to a “new” Excursion.

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