Super Duty Gas Engine vs. Diesel: Which Lasts Longer?

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If you don’t tow much and just want a Super Duty engine that’ll run forever, is diesel still the obvious choice?

It’s a question that countless Ford truck owners have asked themselves over the years. Gas or diesel? But this time around, we aren’t going to talk about the typical merits of towing capability and fuel mileage. Common thought dictates that diesel engines tend to last longer, but is that true in regards to a modern Super Duty? Ford Truck Enthusiasts member Bohojo was curious to know, so he did the smart thing and headed to the forums for some real-life input.

“I’m purchasing a new 2019 F-250 Super Duty within the next few months. I plan on keeping this truck for many, many years until it dies. Yes, seriously. It will be my daily driver, as I’m a residential contractor and use my truck for both work and daily driving. I average around 20-25k miles per year. Most of my driving is in the suburbs, with frequent interstate driving. Weekends to the lake, etc.

I understand the towing benefits of diesel. I might tow a 12,000 lb trailer 5% of the time at the most. It appears the up front cost difference when also considering mpg, cost of fuel, and maintenance (long term) is a wash. All that said, since I plan on keeping this truck for 20 plus years with proper maintenance, which engine will last the longest? Gas or diesel?”

Super Duty

As you might imagine, opinions on this matter are largely split. Since the OP doesn’t need to tow much, many feel like a gas-powered Super Duty is fine.

“Barring any out of the ordinary catastrophic failures both will last just fine,” said Thenewboss. “But the gas burner will be cheaper to own for 20 years. Only tow 5% of the time? Gas makes more sense to me. Not showing any preference here, just facts.”

“Most fleets have changed to gas because of the cheaper purchase cost, the cheaper maintenance costs, and the less time in the shop that gas trucks require,” adds Mr. Mcbeevee. “My V10 powered work truck has 173,000 miles and 9,500 hours on it. The only engine related repairs has been a set of spark plugs and two coil packs.”

Many, including Clubwagon, correctly point out that either is a good option. So long as you maintain them properly.

“Gas or diesel, if you do proper maintenance, both will provide a long service life. A gas engine will likely last about half the total miles of a diesel. So a well maintained gas engine will likely run for 300 to 400 thousand miles. A diesel will likely go 600k to 800k, given the same level of care. If you figure the cost to buy either engine you can easily budget the cost of a replacement gas motor at 300+ thousand miles and go another 250k+ and still come in under the cost to buy the diesel to go 500k+ miles. The cost of maintenance on the diesel will be higher.”

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Thus far, surprisingly, most members recommend gas over diesel. Many worry that modern diesel engines simply won’t hold up the way old ones do. Mostly thanks to the presence of all that emissions equipment. But we want to know what you think. So head over here and tell us which Super Duty engine you think is the better long term bet!

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