Extreme Supertruck Upfits F-650s to the Extreme

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Extreme Supertruck F-650

You thought your Ford truck was a big, beastly badass? Check out these F-650s from Extreme Supertruck!

When one thinks of Augusta, Georgia, it’s usually around early April, when green jackets are handed out at one of professional golf’s four majors, The Masters. If you’re into military intelligence, you might also think of the Atlantic coastal city as the home of the U.S. Army’s Cyber Command in Fort Gordon. And if you’re a fan of drag boats, you’d likely know about the IBHA’s World’s Richest Drag Boat Race on the Savannah River.

But since this is Ford Truck Enthusiasts, the first thought that should come to mind about Augusta is Extreme Supertruck. The truck upfitter is all about one thing: taking Ford F-650 pickups to the extreme.

Extreme Supertruck F-650

Extreme Supertruck was born in 2001, when founders Chris Walker and George Stickler had purchased an F-650 to replace a couple of old pickups at their other business, Southeast Utilities of Georgia. As soon as they drove off the lot, though, Walker and Stickler decided to build their new F-650 into “a bad a** pickup.” The results were so good, a customer bought the truck as soon as it was finished.

Extreme Supertruck F-650

Since then, they’ve built around 50 to 60 F-650s and International NXTs per year “for a discreet customer base of people who know what they like and want it to be completed in a timely fashion.” New builds start at just over $88,000 for an XLT F-650, topping out at barely over $153,000 for their Extreme Six-Door and Extreme 4×4 builds. The big bucks net you everything from power sliding steps to help you over the custom fuel tanks and storage boxes, triple train horns, and off-road suspension, to your choice of custom paint schemes, tons of chrome, and lots of luxury goodies.

Extreme Supertruck F-650

These Extreme Supertruck F-650s aren’t just for show, either. They can still do the work of a stock F-650 truck, like hauling drag boats to the Savannah River, serve as welding rigs, and bring construction vehicles to the job site. What a way to live up to the “extreme” vibe two Southern gentlemen from Augusta, Georgia bestow upon each F-650 sent to their shop.

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