Clickbait Article Slams Ford Trucks. We Have a Problem with That

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Hot Cars claims 19 issues with Ford trucks, but we’re going to pull that apart. And we’ve got receipts.

Clickbait articles and lists are all the rage these days, and it seems they are getting more and more desperate. Ford trucks are a logical choice for a clickbait piece, due to their popularity, booming sales, and devoted following; not to mention that other brands might want to slander Ford to scare up some sales. It’s a stretch to come up with a couple of Ford truck problems, let alone the “19 Glaring Problems with Ford Pickups Everyone Just Ignores” that Hot Cars has published.

We’re not going to break down the whole list, because it is fairly ridiculous. But there are some choice “glaring problems” they cited that are easy to dismiss with facts.

Let’s (Re)Call it a Day 

Let’s start with the first one they serve up. Apparently, according to the article, rupturing airbags are something that nobody is talking about, and notes a 2017 recall. According to Hot Cars,The problematic airbags had been found to rupture upon crashing.” While this was true, this was not a Ford-centric issue, it affected 34 major automotive brands. These are the famous Takata airbag recalls that have been going on for years now. Ford parted ways with Takata a few years ago. To try and pin this on Ford, and only Ford, when the entire industry is involved, speaks to the level of absurdity that pops up throughout the list.

2016 Ford F-150

Most items on the list are regurgitating and repeating these types of minor recalls. It is hardly a “glaring issue nobody is talking about” when most of the issues are recalls that were issued because redundancy and safety systems are very effective in catching potential problems. And every automotive company has these issues and has to issue recalls.

Not Very Heavy Metal 

Aside from recalls, the list includes Ford trucks “questionable durability.” Say what? The issue they have is using aluminum in the body. This innovation has been a game-changer and big success in the industry. In 2014, FCA CEO Sergio Marchionne told USA Today that “We’ll make the deadline. We can do aluminum in ’17…We have the technology in-house.” However, they are still behind Ford, with the 2019 Ram 1500 using mostly steel with a “selective” mix of aluminum and composite materials.

Aluminum is desirable because it reduces weight, increases fuel efficiency, and increases towing capacity. No brainer, right? Not according to the article which says ,“Using aluminum in parts of the bodywork is bad enough, but from 2016 onwards, Ford started to make most of the exterior panels of its popular F-150 pickup truck from this much lighter metal. Lighter may be what you’re looking for if you’re buying a sports car, but for those who were in the market for a rough and ready pickup truck, it didn’t quite meet their requirements. Ford, who had always prided themselves on their stability and durability, soon found that some of their trucks weren’t up to scratch, and the company saw a decline in F-150 sales as a result.”

Um, no. As far as safety and durability, it is a top IIHS safety pick. F-150 owners have shown aluminum has made no difference in their trucks being bulletproof, beefy, and badass.

And as for a decline in sales? Are you serious? The F-series remains the undisputed leader of the pack.

Clickbait Article Slams Ford Trucks continued…

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