Classic Truck Stripe Kits from 1973 to 1979

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Ford Truck stripe kits

Recently, our forum members started talking about truck stripe kits and dropped a bunch knowledge and cool pictures on us.

When Ford Truck Enthusiasts forum user Farmer Bill asked people to post pictures of Ford truck stripe kits through the years, he wasn’t disappointed.

But, before we get to the pictures of cool trucks, it’s useful to be able to identify the kit types and their years used. Our forum members are both knowledgeable and resourceful, so Mikeo0o0o0 uploaded illustrations from the Ford parts catalog. He also points out that Explorer trim package stripes changed every year. In 1973, only two different colors of the same stripes were offered from the factory. In 1974, the stripes offered were similar in style and shape but had three stripes instead of two. And 1975 was when Ford changed the stripe design to go across the top of the body and across the hood. That year also included the option of yellow or orange as well as black or white.

In 1976, Ford offered the kit in black, white, or tan. However, there are 24 different parts numbers due to different truck options and their varying shape and sizes. For 1977, blue, red, tan and white stripes were available. Then in 1978, you could opt for the multi-colored stripes. In 1979, the choice was either tangerine and gold or white and gold. Interestingly for that year, there was a difference in the stripes whether the truck was built in Michigan or not.

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