1978 F-100 Pulls a Train in Argentina: Throwback Thursday

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There was no better way to showcase the capabilities of a 1978 F-100 than to pull a train and jump through the air.

This week’s Throwback Thursday video comes to us from the YouTube channel of paulinoargeto and it features a 1978 F-100 commercial from Ford Argentina. Argentina was a key market for Ford trucks back then, with their own production facility, their own collection of engines and their own unique commercials. Although the F-100 had a different set of engine options south of the U.S. border, the truck was still marketed as a hard-working, comfortable workhorse.

Argentinian Ford F-100

In the mid-to-late 1970s, Ford Motor Argentina built their own version of the F-100 for their local market. This truck looked like the American-sold half-ton Ford trucks, but the Argentinian trucks got a unique engine lineup. This included a 221-cubic inch straight-six, a 292-cubic inch V8 and a 203-cubic inch diesel four-cylinder.

The Argentinian market didn’t get the same big displacement engines that the F-Series offered in the US, but the truck was still marketed as a sturdy, capable and hard-working half-ton.

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