The Rock Talks Tools for Ford in New Ad

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The Rock - Ford

Ford truck owner Dwayne Johnson reminds drivers about using the right tools in new TV commercial.

Considering that The Rock is a fellow Ford truck enthusiast and one of our favorite movie action heroes, when he talks we tend to pay attention. Apparently, Ford thinks the same because the iconic car company, which last fall signed The Rock as a spokesman, features the superstar in its newest TV commercial. Ford recently premiered the ad on its Twitter page.

The Rock, aka Dwayne Johnson, famously owns his own coveted Ford F-150 Platinum Edition truck. So, last October, it was a no-brainer for Ford to sign the Hollywood superstar to be its pitchman for Ford’s new “Service Campaign.” The advertising campaign shines the spotlight on the expertise of the Blue Oval’s auto technicians, known as “Specialists.”

In the new ad, The Rock helps Ford hype the importance of using the right mechanic and “essential special service tools” when caring for its fleet of cars and trucks. The ad uses the star of the upcoming Fast 8 and Baywatch as a special guest pitchman to lure in viewers before Specialist “Gizmo” explains just how specific Ford mechanics are when working on their favorite brand of automobiles. For instance, when Gizmo needs a wrench for a 2015 F-150, he doesn’t just reach for any generic wrench but instead grabs one that was specifically made for the 2015 model of the F-150. Now, that’s perfection.

“Expertise, dedication…Gizmo’s your man,” declares The Rock at the end of the commercial. And Ford is our truck!


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