Thief Steals Ford, Gets Airborne, Crashes in Garden

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Ford F-150 crash

While Ford Owner is Doing Yoga, Thief Lifts His Truck for Wild Joyride. Gonna Take Lots of Meditation to Forgive this One

Car thieves are a brazen bunch. They have no regard for anything other than getting away from the cops. You can’t blame them, really. Serving time in jail pretty much sucks. So much, in fact, that thieves are willing to do just about anything to avoid it. Other than not breaking the law in the first place, of course.

This includes launching a speeding 2004 Ford F-150 into the air and landing upside down in some poor guy’s garden. This is exactly what happened in Sequim, Washington, recently after a wild police chase. The truck was lifted from the parking lot of a yoga studio as its owner was trying to get his stretch on and find his inner zen.

A 20-year-old woman made off with the Ford F-150, hitting speeds of over 90 miles per hour while evading police. She lost control when attempting to pass another car and swerved off the road. Then she hit a ditch and went airborne for what was probably the ride of her life.

The truck took out several road signs, two fruit trees and a chain link fence before landing upside down in a garden. Amazingly, the woman suffered only a “minor injury.” The same is not true for the poor Ford F-150, fruit trees, hedge, fence and road signs.

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