Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Joins Team Ford

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From The Mummy Returns to Fast Five, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has been giving proven franchises a much needed shot in the arm.

While Ford doesn’t necessarily need a shot, per se, it can’t hurt to have one of the world’s most popular entertainers repping your brand. Which is what Ford and The Rock are currently cooking up.

According to FordSocial, Johnson is “taking command of the brand-new Ford Service Campaign.” In the campaign, Johnson will be heading up a team of an “elite crew” of Ford technicians known as The Specialists, who have the necessary skills to complete heroic garage jobs: “dedication, training, diagnostic equipment, and Motorcraft parts.”

Apparently, we’ll officially meet the whole team later, as the teaser video below only shows 12 Rock-less seconds of general shop maintenance, with some cool swooshy sound effects mixed in.

Still, the fact that it’s a teaser trailer for an ad campaign is pretty rad. Who does that? But with star power like The Rock, and horsepower like Ford, a teaser trailer is only the beginning.

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Via [FordSocial]

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