Is Your Tailgate Safe? Lock It or Lose It

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Spending a couple of bucks on a tailgate lock could save you thousands of dollars, and one enormous headache.

The new Ford F-150 and the upcoming Super Duty both have power locking tailgates that lock with the doors when you press the button on the fob. But many of you out there don’t have a brand new truck and have a manual locking tailgate. This is a reminder to all of you that it’s a good idea to lock your tailgate. Tailgate theft is a real thing, and just recently affected a town in Texas.

New Braunfels has a tailgate bandit right now, with seven tailgates stolen in the past six days. The most recent occurrence was at a dealership where three were stolen right from the lot. The total for the loss? $18,000. That’s $6,000 per tailgate!

Truck tailgates are pretty easy to steal, and with a value of $5000-$6000 it’s easy to see why they’re an easy target for thieves. Modern-day tailgates have technology in them, notably a backup camera, that isn’t expensive to replace on a damaged truck. Unscrupulous body shops are most likely buying these from thieves and then using them for repairs. In a state like Texas, there’s a lot of pickup trucks so the market demand is probably strong.

Simply locking the tailgate makes it a lot more difficult for someone to steal the tailgate, and you should all be doing so otherwise you might come out to it one day and it’s gone. I’ve known a few people who have suffered tailgate loss, even from parking areas that were supposedly secure.

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