2017 Ford Raptor at the 2016 Beijing Auto Show

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Ford China 2

We recently reported to you that Ford would be sending the all-new, all-aluminum Ford Raptor to China in 2017 as part of Ford’s plan to have the new F-150 in 96 different countries. That announcement came ahead of the 2016 Beijing Auto Show. Now, we have some fresh photos of the new Raptor (and one of the Ford GT just because) on the show floor in Beijing.

As you can see, the Raptor is the same one that was in the official release for the Chinese market, and has the subtle differences that we pointed out that won’t be on the US-spec version of the truck.

Ford China GT

The Ford GT appears to be the same white with red brake calipers that we saw in Detroit all the way back in January. But that’s okay, because we like looking at this sexy beast of a car. I wonder how many Chinese have filled out an application to buy one of the first batch of 500 Ford GTs that’ll be sold?

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photos via [Ford / Facebook]

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