TOTALLY TRUCKED Ford Ranger Still Runs on Three Wheels

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While this video may be a bit old, and some of you have already seen it, it’s just too damn funny not to talk about again.

Here we have a driver, driving his Ford Ranger on the highway, at highway speeds, with only three tires. Yes, you read that right, he was driving on the highway without one of his front tires.

Now you may be asking yourself, how did he not notice, how did it keep running, why didn’t he just pull over, is he an idiot?

All of these are very valid questions, although I’m sure we’ll never get the answer, because this isn’t just a onetime thing, people seem to do this all the time. I personally think we can only answer one of the questions above, and is this person an idiot? And the answer is a categorically correct, yes, yes they are.

Let’s just hope none of you know this person, or are this person.

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