Walden Speed Shop’s Perfect ’32 Ford Pickup

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In the realm of hot rods, I personally, am not a big fan of the outrageously over done and painted cars. They’re just too flashy for me, and I’d be nervous as hell with scratching the 16 layer paint job that inevitably most hot rod builders do.

Thankfully, there has been a resurgence of hot rod builders that are building cars that you actually want to drive and thrash about, and this 1932 Ford Pickup is definitely one of the latter.


This 1932 Ford Pickup was built by Walden Speed Shop. It’s a traditional highboy setup that was common in the late 50’s of hot rod building. And guess what, the exterior is finished.

Walden is leaving the exterior of the hot rod in bare metal which just looks absolutely gorgeous. The brushed aluminum and steel body just gives the hot rod a much more menacing stance than it would with a normal paint job.


It looks industrial, it looks mean, it looks like I’m going to have to rob a bank.


The engine in this beast is another throwback to traditional hot rodding, due to it using a flat head V8. Bobby Walden, the owner of the shop has said the truck is up for sale, but that the longer it sits, the more he’s going to drive the snot out of it.

Bobby sounds like our kind of guy. Head over to their site to check out more of their builds and maybe even put in an offer.


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