Question of the Week: Thoughts on the Chevrolet F-150 Bed Demonstration?

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General Motors has rolled out a new commercial showing the Chevrolet Silverado and the Ford F-150 having 825 lbs of paver bricks dropped into the bed from 5 feet in the air. As a result of this stunt, the bed of the F-150 sustains more damage than that of the Chevrolet and GM uses this to point out “flaws” with the aluminum bodied Ford pickup.

Of course, we all know that no one dumps concrete blocks like that into any bed, as it would most certainly tear up the corners of the bricks and we know that most people who use their bed a great deal will have some kind of bedliner. We also know that very few people are going to buy a brand new truck – be it a Silverado or an F-150 – with the intention of dumping a bunch of paver bricks into the bed.

Finally, most people reading this have a metal tool box, but how many times have you balanced the tool box on the bedside of your truck? I cannot think of a time where I’ve needed to balance a toolbox on the side of a truck, as that is what the tailgate is for…but I suppose that there could be someone who buys a new truck and immediately begins to throw things into the untreated bed.


In any case, for our newest Question of the Week, we want to know your thoughts on the Chevrolet ad that beats up the Ford F-150 bed. Click here to head into the forum to offer your input!


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