$7,000 for a 1974 Ford Courier? Um… No Thanks!

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All pickup trucks are meant to be put to work, but after many years of arduous and loyal work, it comes time to give them a break, shine them up and enjoy them on the weekend.

That’s exactly the case of this 1974 Ford Courier that’s for sale on Ebay recently. Located in Saint Petersburg, Florida, this mustard, golden-ish little pickup has only been driven 86,000 miles throughout its entire life, and by the looks of it, it’s been maintained and treated with love and care.


Judging by the photos provided on the listing, not only does the owner enjoy showing off his truck at car shows, but he also prides in snapping photos of it at picturesque locations that highlight the charming attitude of the little Ford. No details are mentioned regarding restorations, performance upgrades or other details, so we can assume the truck is in mostly original condition.


Originally produced by Mazda in Japan, the Ford Courier was famous for being practical, reliable, and… slow. Powered by a 1.8 liter inline four engine rated at 74 HP and 92 lb. ft. of torque, it won’t necessarily tow your camper or boat, but it’ll sure look pretty on your driveway.

According to the owner, $7,000 will make this your own weekend truck. We think that’s a little too much…do you agree?

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Photos via: [Ebay]

Story via: [Bring a Trailer]

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