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Lightly Modded 2015 F-150 Runs 13s: Truckin’ Fast Wednesday Presented by Nitto Tire

13-Second F-150

This 4,800-pound F-150 with very simple upgrades will run with the muscle cars.

  Comments | By - February 14, 2018

These Ford Commercials From 1976 Are a Blast From the Past!

Time travel may not be possible yet, but watching old TV commercials is about as close as you can get. The Classic Car Channel on YouTube has graciously compiled 15 Ford Truck commercials from…

  Comments | By - November 11, 2016

Question of the Week: Thoughts on the Chevrolet F-150 Bed Demonstration?

General Motors has rolled out a new commercial showing the Chevrolet Silverado and the Ford F-150 having 825 lbs of paver bricks dropped into the bed from 5 feet in the air.

  Comments | By - June 10, 2016

Remember the Ford Atlas?

I came across this great deep dive video on the 2013 Ford Atlas Concept truck.

  Comments | By - October 26, 2015

The Best Fords of the Orange County International Auto Show

Geneva. Tokyo. Detroit. Anaheim? Orange County is usually not on the list of must see International Auto Shows, but since it’s a short drive from our El Segundo, California office – why the heck not?

  Comments | By - October 16, 2015

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