2017 Ford Super Duty Helps You Clean Up After Getting Dirty

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2017 Ford F-250 XLT Super Duty

These days, trucks have become multi-use vehicles, turning what used to just be designed for work into something more. Trucks now haul around important clients. They haul families. They ooze luxury out of every single one of their pores. But if they’re used for work, they also get dirty. Until now, if you had a base┬ápickup, you had the option to skip the carpeting and get vinyl flooring, which is easier to clean. But that option wasn’t available on top trim King Ranch and Platinum trucks. The 2017 Super Duty changes that.


All-weather rubber floor mats are great, but even the best of those mats don’t protect the interior completely from mud and dirt. For the 2017 Super Duty, buyers can option to remove the carpet and replace it with vinyl flooring. All trucks have the vinyl flooring as an option, but for the King Ranch and Platinum models, they use a thicker material with a unique design. That unique design also incorporates clips to that owners can attach all-weather or carpeted floor mats with ease.


Pickup trucks are supposed to get dirty, and now Ford has provided an easier way for all truck buyers to keep their trucks clean. It seems like a good idea to me!

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