Paul Walker’s Car and Truck Collection Stolen

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In 2013, we lost an automotive icon when Paul Walker was killed in a car wreck. Now, two years later, we finally have some closure with the opening of Walkers last Fast and the Furious movie. Or do we?

According to recent legal filings, Paul Walkers estate and family are in a legal battle to get back some of the stars own personal cars, stolen after his death.

In the court filings, a few people are named in helping to remove over 30 of Walker’s cars from his warehouse within 24 hours of the stars death. Along with obvious set of imports, some used as star cars for Walker’s roles in Fast and the Furious, a bunch of other cars were also taken.

Right now, there are a few BMW M3s, a Ford Crown Victoria, a GMC truck, and a 1995 Ford Bronco that Walker supposedly loved quite a lot. While anytime a star passes away is a tragedy, you’re definitely likely to see opportunists come out of the wood work to make a buck on their deaths. Let’s just hope that this all gets settled quickly.

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