2015 Ford F-150 Off-Road at 10K Feet Impressions

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Gizmodo’s IndefinitelyWild blog is not exactly the kind of place you go looking for well written and interesting Ford pickup reviews, but one fateful meeting of a friend at Ford, the highest off-road trail in California, and the new F-150 with the FX4 package resulted in a wonderful look at the truck, and the world it can be used in, from a fresh set of eyes.


With a pair of kids, a dog, a bit of mountain biking, a freak snow storm and several hundred miles of travel, this review covers just about everything you need to know about a truck’s off-road abilities. The pros of this particular truck include the power and torque from the 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6, the fancy Hill Descent Control system, good visibility and incredible rear leg room. The truck receives a few demerits for its lackluster tire choice for an off-road truck, low fuel economy, and high price – this test truck rang in at $50k.

The final verdict is not what you might expect, but it does make some good points. Firstly, the FX4 pack is a great off-road package, but most buyers would be better suited equipping it to a lower trim level truck. Secondly, at $50k there are better off-road options, like a used Ford Raptor. In the end, the article covers a lot of ground, and it’s worth a read. There is a lot of small details included that you won’t likely read in a more traditional truck review. Read the full review here. 

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