Could This Be the Next Generation Ford Mustang?

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The Ford Mustang has been on a complete roll lately, becoming the world’s best selling sports coupe, being sold out in China, Australia, and even beating Porsche in Germany. That must mean Ford and its Mustang team are riding a wave of success and confidence at the time, but time waits for no one, and a complete redesign of the famed pony car is due sooner rather than later.

Next Generation Ford Mustang

A few renders of the next generation Ford Mustang have popped on the forum, and I must admit, they look pretty stunning! Funny enough, even with such accolades; passionate Mustang fans seem to be torn apart by the ongoing model. Some call it the latest but not greatest Mustang, while others think it’s exactly the opposite.

The removal of the solid axle and the introduction to new technology and design queues have made some die-hard fans question their allegiance to the American legend, while others (like myself), think the Mustang is finally up to par with other world-class sports cars—at a much lower price.

Next Generation Ford Mustang

With the ever increasing competition from Chevy and Dodge, there’s no time for the Mustang to sit still and bask in its glory. It must get with the program and keep evolving.

Which render do you like best, and what do  you think the next generation Ford Mustang will bring?

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