Who Wants an EcoBoost Powered Ford Skateboard?

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What do a blender, a skateboard, and a pitching machine have in common? Not much, except they can be made more powerful – and more awesome – by hooking them to a car engine, such as the 1.0-liter EcoBoost from Ford.


Sounds like something from that show Home Improvement, right? True, but instead of Tim Allen, the Blue Oval chose legendary movie tough guy Dolph Lundgren to show how the turbocharged engine can make common objects uncommonly powerful.

From making a blender into a 120+ horsepower destroyer of metal and fruit to transforming a skateboard into a gas-fueled rocket to giving a pitching machine a 200-mph “arm,” the little Ford motor is good for silliness the size of the “Big Swede” himself.

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via [FordSocial]

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