2016 Ford Escape – Gone but Not Forgotten

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2016 ford escape

Not too long ago Ford-Trucks was present at the new and reinvigorated 2017 Ford Escape media drive. Funny enough, we had a 2016 Ford Escape SE 4WD for testing right around the same time, which made it even easier to decipher were the Escape is coming from and exactly where it’s going in 2017.

Since its debut as a 2000 model year, the Ford Escape offered exactly what people wanted in an SUV. A raised ride-height, lots of cargo space, and driving dynamics that resembled that of a car instead of a truck. Check, check and… check.

2016 ford escape

The 2016 model year saw slight tweaks over the previous  years, but the addition of Ford’s SYNC3 was perhaps the most awaited feature of them all, specially as not even the first generation of Explorer Platinums would get a taste of the new system. Just as we expected, the SYNC3 delivered user-friendliness and the overall capabilities Ford promised, and just like the 1.6 liter EcoBoost engine, it was a pleasure to operate.

The simple fact that the Escape is agile and even fun to drive speaks highly of how much effort Ford has put into developing a vehicle for the masses that isn’t boring. Even folding the seats down to see how much crap you can fit in the back is fun. I tried this a few times, and I was always shocked at just how much stuff I could fit in the 67.8 cu. ft. of cargo room with the second row folded (34.3 without).

2016 ford escape

After a week behind the wheel, it were things like an overly stiff suspension setup, a relatively weak headlight beam (halogen), and an ugly and expensive chrome package ($1,445) that stood out as the only negatives.

Whether you choose to go with the new 2017 model, or want to save a bucks and hop into a 2016 Ford Escape, it’s nearly impossible to go wrong.

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