Is This the New Ford Ranchero?

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Around here, we love to postulate what the future may hold. What carmakers will bring to market. How much horsepower cars will have in the future. Whether or not you are the father, that’s right, we’re talking to you! You know who you are, and guess what, YOU ARE THE FATHER!

But back to cars, we also tend to fantasize about what car makers should bring to market. Like that little Ford Fiesta Raptor from Brazil, or A NEW BRONCO! Dammit, we want one Ford, just bring it back already. But this next little diversion is definitely something that could possibly happen. You know, if Ford would ever see the need to bring back the Ranchero.

This is TheophiliusChins latest creation, it’s a rendering of what a new Ford Ranchero would look like by using the same architecture that the Taurus is based off of. That though in itself isn’t that hard of a pill to swallow since the Australians are already using the Taurus architecture for their own UTE down under. However, I’d like to see Ford drop a Coyote into it, use more of the Mustang or F-150 styling and call it a day.

What do you all think, should Ford bring back the Ranchero by using the Taurus platform? It’s not like the Taurus is exactly selling well these days.

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