New Jersey Explicitly Bans “Rolling Coal”

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black f250 rolls coal 600

Heads up diesel fans, if you enjoy “rolling coal” everywhere you go, you better not head to New Jersey anytime soon. While technically illegal by the rules and regulations of the EPA, it is not exactly an easy rule to enforce, but now Jersey just put a law on the books that simply bans the act.

And I mean “simply.” The synopsis text of the bill reads as such: “Prohibits retrofitting diesel-powered vehicles to increase particulate emissions for the purpose of ‘coal rolling’; prohibits the practice of ‘coal rolling.’” It really doesn’t get much clearer than that. The actual body of the bill goes into more detail by banning the explicit modification or alteration of vehicles to release significant quantities of soot, etc. Anyone caught defying the law can be fined as much as $5000 on their first offense.

rollin coal f350 600

That may deter a few folks.

It may seem like a lot of fun to many of you, but as a truck owner in the South, nothing makes me more embarrassed to own a pickup than seeing some jerk tear away at a red light spewing a thick black cloud of soot into the sky. My town’s air is nasty enough as it is, and it certainly doesn’t need your help to become any worse.

But what do you guys think? Is this a law that should be on the books in more states, or am I just a tree-hugging hippie that needs to shut his face and let people live their lives?

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