QUESTION OF THE WEEK What Special Color Do You Want on the 2017 Raptor?

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Throughout the history of the Raptor F-150, the sporty half ton off-roader has often come in at least one eye-catching color package, like the Ruby Red 2014 Raptor. When the 2017 Raptor F-150 was introduced at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show, it was finished in a dark metallic blue that looked incredible – but that color has been rumored to be a concept-only color.

We know that the 2017 Raptor F-150 will have some flashy graphics on the hood and sides, but as a lover of bright colored trucks, I am really hoping for some high impact exterior colors (presumably something like Triple Yellow or Competition Orange) that will differentiate it from the rest of the Ford F-150 lineup.

For our Question of the Week, we want to know what unique color you would like to see on the 2017 Raptor. Would you like to see the dark blue from the Detroit debut or would you also like to see a bright, bold color? Perhaps you would rather see the 2017 Raptor in a factory matte color?

Click here to head into the forums to tell us what color you think is a must-have for the 2017 SVT Raptor F-150.


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