Ford Has an Entire Crew Devoted to Beeps and Boops

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I know I’m going to sound like a Chevy guy saying this, but…all new Fords sound the same – from their Belt Minder tones…

…to their Collision Warning sounds…

…to their SYNC 3 chimes.

The Blue Oval’s own Jennifer Prescott, an engineer in the automaker’s Vehicle Harmony group, agrees. She and her co-workers concentrate on each model’s illumination, haptic feel, and sound, among other aspects.

In the video below, Prescott says, “Every feature has a sound and it will be the same in every Ford vehicle.” Her team has to develop sounds that cut through all of the other ones we hear while driving – wind noise, a passenger’s voice, our phone’s ringer, etc. – and alert us to things both benign and life-threatening. According to Ford, “The right balance of frequency, volume, cadence and tone helps differentiate between high-importance alerts, such as a collision warning, and gentle reminders, such as the tick-tock of a turn-signal indicator.”

There are currently about 30 sounds overall, but that number will increase as Ford’s technology features grow in number.

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