Watch a Monster Ford Truck Destroy Massive Mud Pits

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There’s mudding, and then there’s muddin’!

One of the great joys of owning an off-road capable truck is driving through mud. These trucks are meant to go through any terrain in front of them, and that most definitely means mud. For most of us, the mud we drive through is fairly tame. We’re not trying to kill our trucks, just get them dirty. Driver Jason Rodriguez wants to take his 2008 Ford diesel truck to the extreme, through mud that would swallow most trucks whole.

At a recent Trucks Gone Wild event in Louisiana, Rodriguez entered his truck into a variety of muddy events. His 2008 truck doesn’t look like the everyday F-Series trucks you see on the road. No, this F-150 is massive, with huge tires and a 6.4 liter PowerStroke diesel engine. Rodriguez’s truck is made for one thing: Going through mud as fast as possible!

In the above video posted by Rockwell Offroad, we see his truck do just that. No mud is too treacherous for this truck. It powers through just about everything in its way. The truck ends each run a brown mess, not at all resembling the beautiful white truck that began the day. At one point, after getting stuck, Rodriguez’s visibility is so low, he has to drive in reverse with the driver’s side door open so he can see where he’s going.

Watching monster trucks like this Ford truck do its thing is truly a sight to behold, and not just for the viewer online. In the video, you hear the crowd go nuts each time he drives through the pits, kicking mud up at spectators with massive black clouds coming out of the exhaust. It’s incredible.

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