Ford Ranger Out-Smokes a Miata: Tire Smokin’ Tuesday

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Watch as a Ford Ranger takes on a Mazda Miata in a grueling side by side burnout competition.

This week’s “Tire Smokin’ Tuesday” video comes to us from the YouTube account of drift400 and it features the final round in a burnout competition between a Ford Ranger and a Mazda Miata.

We don’t have any details on either vehicle or the competition itself, but the Ranger appears to be stock, the Miata appears to be modified and the competition is an unusual one – with the final two competitors going head to head to see who can do the greatest burnout. Most burnout competitions have vehicles going one at a time, but in this case, it appears as though the Ranger and the Miata are expected to see who can roast their tires longer – and the result is more than three minutes of continuous burnout action.

Ford Ranger beats a Miata in a burnout competition.

The video begins with the Ranger and the Miata smoking their tires in the burnout box of an undisclosed drag strip, with the buzz of the Mazda’s exhaust drowning out everything else. The Ranger creates a ton more smoke at first, but by the 30-second mark, the Miata built a big enough cloud to hide the Ford truck.

However, as the video nears the 1-minute mark, the Miata seems to run into trouble and its tires stop spinning. The Mazda owner tries to get the tires to smoke, but the little compact just can’t get it going. Meanwhile, the Ranger never stops smoking the tires, bouncing off of the rev limiter without a care in the world while his competitor drives out of the burnout box and back in for another try.

After another pathetic attempt by the Miata, the Ford Ranger continues to smoke the tires hard until the 3:16 mark – at which point the right rear tire explodes. With a burnout lasting more than three minutes and a competition who couldn’t keep the tires spinning for a full minute – this Ranger dominated this burnout competition.

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