BUILDUP: A 1969 Ford F-250 With Mighty 7.3L Diesel Power

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Taking on a Ford truck buildup can be a pretty difficult thing to do. From a simple improvement project to a full-blown restoration endeavor, buildups never seem to go as planned.

Obstacle always seem to show their ugly heads regardless, and even inflate the budget from time-to-time. From a stubborn bolt to a discontinued or back-ordered part, something¬†must go wrong, otherwise it’d be too easy and everyone would do it. That’s why we applaud those who actually take on such projects. You rock!


Today we’re featuring an intricate buildup by FTE member,¬†Jared, who is also known by his username Ford_Six. The ride in question is… well, a bit complicated. Jared’s end goal with this build is for the rig to look like a 1968 to 1972 Ford F-250, have the mighty power of a 7.3-liter diesel Ford engine, run via five speed manual transmission, and the ability to handle the power and weight without any troubles. Overall, we’re excited to see the outcome of it. We’re super positive that it’ll be a tough journey, but it’s certain to be worth it!

Check out Jared’s build thread and show him your support!


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