Buy This 1993 Ford Lightning & Smash Some NHRA Records!

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Drag racing is an expensive, time consuming, and addictive hobby. Building a race truck is a tedious process, so why not buy a rolling chassis and save yourself some time and money? Especially when such chassis has already laid claim to several NHRA records!

This 1993 Lightning is already the fastest first-generation truck in the world, after ripping off a 7.40 second 1/4 mile time, at a whopping 188.81 mph. It’s also the second-fastest Ford Lightning, of any generation, in the entire world! If you’re looking for a solid base on which to build a fast Ford, it doesn’t get any better than this.nhra

The story behind this truck began just like any other obsession. Purchased from the original owner in 2000, this once stock Ford Lightning first raced in 2004 and slowly evolved from mild-to-wild over the years. Not a whole lot of stock parts remain, as they’ve all been chucked in the name of speed.


Everything you need to run mid 7’s is there, and according to the seller everything from the the cage, the wheelie bars, and chute are all NHRA legal. The only thing you need to start chasing more records is the drivetrain of your choice.

So if you’re a fan of Ford trucks and love going fast, this first-generation Lightning is your discounted fast-pass into the world of drag racing!

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