Ken Block’s 1,400 HP Mustang Just Made America Great Again

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Have you ever owned a 1965 Ford Mustang race car with over 850 horsepower and said: “hmm… I’m bored with it, how about a new Mustang with even more horsepower?”

Perhaps you haven’t, if you have, make sure to send us an email so we can write a feature story on you. Anyhow, Ken Block recently pitched the 850 horsepower Mustang “Hoonicorn” he used in his Gymkhana Seven video for a new replacement. Now, you may say, what exactly would he replace it with? The answer is: another Mustang, but with over 1,400 horsepower this time.


Ken Block’s new V2 (version 2) Mustang “Hoonicorn” is also a 1965 model, but it now features two massive Garrett turbochargers attached to the race-ready V8 engine under the hood. The Ford V8 runs on 100% methanol fuel, and needless to say it’s far from resembling a stock engine.


Besides the hyper-expensive and overly-complicated engine, transmission, and suspension setup, the tires are also a specialty ensemble. Toyo tires developed special compound tires for Block’s new “Hoonicorn,” which aid him in vehicle control for his many drifting ventures, as well as produce even more smoke than traditional rubber.

Fun Fact: Block’s Mustang produces so much tire smoke and methanol fumes, that a fresh air breathing tube had to be installed to help him breath!

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Jerry Perez is a regular contributor to Ford Truck Enthusiasts, Corvette Forum, and 6SpeedOnline, among other auto sites.

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