This 1987 Ford F-150 Might Just Convert the Box Haters

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Boxy, mid-to-late-’80s Ford trucks are an acquired taste. Some people love ’em, some people hate ’em. But when we run across an example as nice as this 1987 F-150, we just can’t help but pass it along. It might not convert the staunchest of box haters, but hey, it might just turn around some of them.


Red was one of the more popular color options in the late 80’s and here you can see why. It lends itself well to that square shape, this time in a regular cab/short bed configuration. All of the factory chrome and trim is in equally great shape and make this old truck look new.


A slight lift and big tires mounted on aftermarket wheels really make this truck stand out and give it an aggressive stance. The lift is in perfect proportion to the shorter wheelbase. Power is provided by the legendary 5.0; shifts come courtesy of a four-speed manual transmission.


The interior is all 1987, which means beige, cloth, and lots of plastic bits. If there’s one thing that wasn’t so great about these trucks, it was their cheap interiors. But when you’re rolling high and looking great, does that really matter? Even the box haters have to agree – reluctantly at the very least.

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