Throwback Thursday: FSU Coach Bobby Bowden for Ford Trucks

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Back in 1989, Florida State University football team head coach, Bobby, Bowden had already made a name for himself and his team as one of the top contenders for the national championship.

Using his experience with being #1, Ford Motor Company leveraged the legendary coach to talk up their 1989 truck lineup. Specifically, Bobby Bowden was featured in ads for dealerships in the Southern Georgia and Florida region, right where the coach was the best known and most adored.

Bowden talks about how the Ford F-Series pickup is the best-selling truck for 22 years, pointing out that the Ranger and the F-Series trucks are at the top of their segment. Finally, the FSU coach magically zips away to a football field with a bright red 1989 Ford F-150, where he proclaims that winners prove themselves on the field. While that doesn’t really make sense for a truck, that didn’t matter back then, because Bobby Bowden’s star-power surely sold some trucks in the southern states.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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