Ken Block Picks up His New Raptor and Immediately Does a Burnout

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What a better way to celebrate getting a Raptor, than with a ridiculous burnout! Ken Block’s kids agree.

Ken Block is a man who needs no introduction. Block is the brilliant driver behind the iconic Gymkhana series, and as we’ve all come to see in his epic videos, is a fan of all things Ford. While his drifting videos usually have him behind the wheel of a rally-prepped vehicle, his daily drivers are a little more subdued.

This video recently uploaded by TheHoonigans, shows Block as he’s preparing to go on a family trip. Seriously, his wife, kids, and bikes are in the truck, all packed up and ready to go on an approximately 1,000-mile journey. But before setting sail, he stopped by the Hoonigan building to talk about the truck and do an epic burnout.

Ford Raptor Block Burnout

Block, as he states in the video, is no stranger to the Raptor. He owned the previous iteration of the F-150, the behemoth powered by the 6.2-liter V8, but claims the new one is even better. The small details, the new turbocharged-V6 engine, and the fit and finish all make the new Raptor better than ever, he says. The one thing Block does miss, though, is the V8’s noise. It’s safe to say Mr. Block, that we all miss the sound of the V8.

After gushing over the truck, Block fires it up and does an awesome burnout in it, proving the new Raptor knows how to have fun. His kids approve of the burnout and even gather up bits of shredded up tire to play with.

What an epic way to break in the new truck and kick off a vacation!

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