Truckin’ Fast Wednesday: Deranged Diesel Ranger

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Little Ford Ranger + big Power Stroke diesel + two turbos = one smoking fast truck.

We feature many Ford Ranger pickups which have been modified for drag racing, but few of them are as radical – or as quick – as this one. This Ford Ranger is nicknamed “Deranged,” and under its hood lies a massive Power Stroke diesel engine fitted with a 66/88 compound turbocharger setup.

This truck laid down a ridiculous 840 rear-wheel horsepower without nitrous! And while the small truck is heavier than usual due to the huge diesel engine, this 4,650 pound Ranger with is capable of running well into the 9-second quarter-mile range.


In this week’s “Truckin’ Fast Wednesday” video, we watch as the Deranged Ford Ranger makes a pair of quarter-mile passes against an equally monstrous Dodge Ram race truck. Unfortunately the Ranger loses both races, but don’t focus on who wins – focus on how well the little Ford gets down the track.

Turn up the volume, and prepare to witness one of the craziest Rangers we’ve ever seen!

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