The Great Depression Ford Model A

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The Ford Model A is perhaps one of the most modified cars ever to be built. It’s easy chassis and sheet metal, combined with its spacious engine bay make for a car that’s one of the best hot rod platforms ever created. Wild and crazy versions of these cars are all around the world and the web, from fire breathing super street cars, to brilliantly painted show cars. However, can you go too far with a Model A? Is there such a thing as going so far off the beaten path that you lose yourself in the forest? Well, the maker of this Model A doesn’t think so. Take a look at The Great Depression.

Built in a garage, The Great Depression is what happens when millennials get a hold of a Model A and turn it into something absolutely spectacular. Instead of going the traditional route of sticking a flat-head V8 or some Chevy 350 into the Ford’s engine bay, the builder dropped a Honda racing K24 motor into the hot rod for some truly insane rev limits.

Additionally, as you can see, the Model A is anything but stock on the outside and now more closely resembles an open-wheel racecar than a hot rod at all. What do you all think of this though? Is it sacrilege, or is it just the next generation of hot rodders giving their own interpretation of the Model A?

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