It’s All in the Wrist When It Comes to Your Hybrid or Electric Ford

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Technology has always been a major component of automobiles, but these days it seems cars have so much of it that they’ve turned into giant gadgets. You can place phone calls, check your email, watch movies, and get a heated massage in some of them.

If you’re an absolutely hardcore technophile, you can also get an Apple or Android smartwatch to go with your smartphone. Ford wants you to know its C-MAX Energi, Focus Electric, and Fusion Energi have the brains to match.

Using the update to the MyFord Mobile app (available on Google Play and in the Apple App Store), you can do things such as check your battery’s charging status, verify your estimated driving range, lock or unlock your car, and see where it is and get directions to it. You can even receive alerts telling you when your green Blue Oval is fully charged so you can free up a charging station for someone else and avoid a fee for staying plugged in after your charging session is complete.

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