Ford Super Dutys Take On Insane Mud Bog

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Can Ford’s American workhorses trudge through yards of thick Canadian mud to get to the finish line?

If you go to a traditional country club, you’ll see a variety of luxury cars parked out front, some tennis courts, and the green hills of a golf course in the distance. There aren’t any Mercedes-Benz convertibles or cucumber sandwiches at the country club shown in this video. There’s not really even grass, but there’s plenty of mud – and pickup trucks bashing through it as quickly as possible.

Al Benesocky’s Filthy Red Neck Country Club in Saskatchewan, Canada recently held an event for its members called “Trucks Gone Wild.” As you can guess from the name, it didn’t involve nets, rackets, irons, or woods. It did involve drivers, though. The people behind the wheels of trucks from Dodge, Chevy, and Ford had to do their best to get their rigs through the event’s bounty hole competition. Ford Trucks Mud Bog Impossible Bounty Hole

The contest wasn’t so much a match between the different trucks as it was between the trucks and the muck beneath them. The mud bog’s watery sludge proved tough to get through completely, even for the sky-high Ford Super Dutys. Nothing seemed to work. Contestants tried running starts, but those only got them so far before Mother Nature stopped them. The massive tires were good at evacuating muck from their tread blocks up to a certain point; after that, they only succeeded in digging the trucks deeper into the earth. No amount of rpms or engine smoke helped the trucks get to the end of the course. Despite energetic and optimistic rocking back and forth from passengers, who hoped the motion would break the trucks loose, the lifted and boosted beasts could not make it all the way through the hole. Eventually, an excavator would have to yank competitors out of the brown mess.

Only one machine was able to get to the end of the bounty hole. It’s called the Sherp. It can’t haul sheetrock or help you back up a boat, but the oddly proportioned creation can sure as hell get through mud.

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