Diesel Ford Trucks Working Hard & Partying Harder

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These diesel Ford pickups can get the job done, whether that means helping out a stranded motorist or getting over rough terrain.

If you go to Youtube and search for footage of Ford trucks, you’ll see plenty of truck show videos that put a spotlight on immaculately clean builds featuring lifts and thousands of dollars worth of suspension hardware, upsized wheels, and more aggressive tires. Those displays serve as great examples of how much trucks can be modified, personalized, and upgraded, and certainly have their own unique appeal. Youtube also has plenty of videos of Ford trucks, especially those running on diesel power, on the opposite end of the spectrum.

Badass Diesels Club recently released a compilation of diesel trucks doing silly and impressive things. Not all of them are from the blue oval, but, of course, we kept an eye out for the Ford Super Dutys in the footage. A white ninth-generation F-350 with a generous lift and meaty tires rolling up a boat ramp shows just how handsome the modern classic still is. Someone in a first-gen Super Duty uses the blue beast’s ample – and smokey – power to effortlessly charge up a steep sand dune.

The late-’60s/early-’70s F-Series may be an old-timer by now, but its age doesn’t stop the owner of a red stake-bed model with chunky rubber from climbing over a rocky ridge with ease.

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A silver Super Duty faces what seems to be an even tougher challenge: pulling a rig with not one but two trailers behind it. Key words: seems to be. The Ford has no problem taking care of business. Once it digs into the dirt, it yanks the once-immobilized giant away.

A rutted, muddy path can’t slow down another Super Duty driver who’s determined to get to the end of the trail, although it can cover almost all of the truck with a natural brown paint job. And it does.

It’s fun to watch these Ford trucks getting dirty, but the sand and mud aren’t what make the video so satisfying. It’s the fact that the trucks are being used. As great as they would look all shined up and sitting still under fluorescent lights, they look even better roaring through the outdoors.

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